Our mission

Through cooperation, bring positive changes in education, health and employment in those countries that need development.

Goal of the foundation

Banyan Foundation wants, in collaboration with local partners, to realize a sustainable better future for young and old.

We want to invest, rather than just ‘donate’. We therefore do this according to business principles of investing: we give something (to society) and we receive something (social impact) in return. We choose to take an initiative, which can be a social enterprise or a project as a starting point. When assessing initiatives, we see every financial contribution as an ‘investment’ (we give something and receive something in return for social and / or ecological returns).

The focus is on initiatives relating to the themes of water, education and entrepreneurship – in the whole world, or initiatives that can be stimulated, where the impact is self-reliance and improving the living environment.

We offer assistance through financial means, knowledge and expertise. Together we fight against poverty.

We unite and connect, and make no distinction according to race, religion, nationality or political preference.

Outline policy plan

Building a social and economically justified future based on the strength of the local population.

Banyan Foundation believes in the strength of the local population. In a society where every person counts, where young and old get the chance to make his or her dreams come true. We want social and economic justice for everyone. We are convinced that the local population has the power to change. They have the ability to make positive changes. Together with local organizations, we contribute to these positive changes. We create opportunities to take matters into our own hands and to realize that change and to build up their own sustainable future.

Target audience

The focus of Banyan Foundation is on the development of children, this is not to say that adults are excluded. Children need a future perspective, access to education and a healthy and safe environment.

A child has the right to a peaceful childhood, to grow up as a child and to develop into a stable adult. They are the future. They can make the new positive changes come true, a social, sustainable, economically just society starts with the children.

People generally do not live on their own. If their position improves, the position of the community improves. They share newly acquired knowledge with others in society, which increases the strength of developments and improves the results of the project.

Our method

With our local partners we are committed to building a sustainable, better future. We work together with various small local partner organizations.

These local partners are those who fulfill a role on the spot and know what is needed locally. Banyan Foundation believes it is important to stand on its own feet. We do not want to make people dependent on development aid, but give the most vulnerable just that extra support. By listening to the people, the help that Banyan Foundation offers is in line with the local request for help.

All local partners of Banyan Foundation are in the middle of the local society. This is a requirement for working together.

In addition, we are looking for partners who: 

  • Recognize the mission of Banyan Foundation;
  • Support the target group of children with a warm heart;
  • Working towards autonomy and independence;
  • To fulfill an exemplary function and to be a source of inspiration for their environment;
  • Getting support from the local population.

In addition, it is good to function as honest and equal partners in which:

  • Projects that are undertaken are real and financially feasible;
  • Both partners, local partners and Banyan Foundation, provide openness in their financial affairs. This way a bond of trust can be built up. Finally, we are a small organization, without long connections and there is regular telephone and email contact with the local partners. Due to the personal involvement of the board of Banyan Foundation there is also at least once a year direct personal contact during a visit where all the latest issues can be discussed;
  • New and existing cooperation with local partners is extensively discussed in board meetings of the foundation and must be approved by the board. This involves looking at previous cooperation points.


Chairman D.C. Kosten
Secretary D.C. Kosten
Board member J.S Namgyal
Treasurer M. Tasaka

About the Foundation

Name Banyan Foundation
Chamber of Comerce 67195261
RSIN 85687201
Email info@banyanfoundation.org
Phone +31624443367
Mail or visit address Weesmeesterstraat 26, 2645MC Delfgauw

Remuneration policy

Banyan Foundation Foundation survives on donations from donors. One of our core values is stewardship, which means that we want to use the resources that we receive well and efficiently. We therefore monitor our expenses sharply from the operational management. Everyone who works for the foundation does this completely voluntarily. There are no salary costs.